OSM stands for ‘offsite monitoring’. This is the monitoring of CCTV systems via internet connections between a CCTV surveillance system and a control room.

Remote or offsite surveillance entails the use of highly trained monitoring staff, equipment and resources at a control room. This is done on an “event” basis.

Therefore, should the camera detect anything inside its pre-determent detection area, it will activate a pop-up notification of that event.

Thereafter, it will be sent to the control room, who will in-turn act upon it according to each site’s customised standard operating procedure.


What Are the Benefits of Offsite Monitoring?

OSM includes the following benefits for clients:

  • More cost Efficient than a guard.
  • A Camera never sleeps.
  • No False Alarms.
  • Real Event Monitoring (no blind alarms).
  • Camera visual (data connection required).
  • Allows independent dispatch of response company and monitoring of that response company.
  • Follow up on response company control room when response arrives on site.
  • Reduce false alarm Reaction dispatches.
  • Peace of mind after lockup of premises.

Who Do You Choose For Your Offsite Monitoring Services?

There are hundreds of security surveillance companies that offer offsite monitoring services.

So how do you know which one is going to offer you the better service?

Firstly, we recommend you research each of the security companies you have received a quote from.

Secondly, ask the business for client references.

Try avoid going for the one-stop-shop security surveillance company. These include the onsite guarding, the offsite monitoring and everything in between. Hiring these sort of companies can sometimes lead to collusion should anything ever happen onsite. Therefore, if the client wants onsite guarding and offsite monitoring, we recommend employing 2 separate organizations.

What Do I Get with The Offsite Monitoring Service?

Top OSM provides the following services:

  • Perimeter intrusion detection.
  • More effective than guards as the Camera System can “see” everywhere at all times, whereas guards sleep and can only see where they patrol occasionally.
  • Remote access control can be provided.
  • Two-way Communication – we can communicate with suspects seen on site. (optional extra)
  • Multiple detection methods (Motion Detection / Line Crossing.
  • Specialized camera schedule set up as per client’s requirements (E.g. camera 1 = 24 hours Camera 2 = 18:00 – 07:30)
  • In the event of positive detection, we will contact the SAPS, Security Company and/or relevant emergency services.
  • International Control room Backup.

Choose Top OSM As Your Preferred Remote Monitoring Service Provider

Top OSM was established in 1992. Our focus is offsite monitoring, this allows for a specialized service to each of our clients.

We make use of only the best technology and products available. Our monitoring system is unique to Top OSM and more advanced than any of the free software packages used by most companies.

Contact our professional team today for more information.