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CCTV Monitoring Professionals in Gauteng

With our offsite CCTV monitoring services, we give you peace of mind that you have 24/7 offsite monitoring security solutions in place.

Our team consists of highly trained CCTV operators that monitor the cameras on your premises when a pop-up notification is received.

Top OSM's CCTV and surveillance systems are coordinated, designed and managed by highly skilled and trained security personnel.

Benefits Of Offsite CCTV Monitoring

Offsite monitoring is pro-active and is designed to prevent loss. Remotely monitored CCTV cameras already deters intruders with them knowing there is a high chance they will get caught.

However, should an attempt to breach the site occur, our trained security professionals take action immediately! Thus, minimizing both risk and damage.

We like to call this a pro-active approach to security.  

If CCTV cameras are not monitored, footage is only reviewed after damage has been done. Therefore, known as a passive solution and our team at Top OSM do not see the benefit of this.

Offsite security monitoring also saves you money as opposed to hiring a guard/patrol security service. Since security guards can only be at one place at a time, this increases the risk of intruders gaining access to the premises.

cctv monitoring system

How Does CCTV Offsite Monitoring Work?

You need to have internet connection at the premises you wish to secure with CCTV monitoring. Our trained security professionals assess your premises and customise the perfect CCTV system for you.

Thereafter, your new CCTV system is connected to our security monitoring room via links and internet connection. Thus, sending images and signals to our security monitors.

Our monitoring room software monitors the CCTV cameras for activity. As soon as an alarm is activated on your premises, a pop-up notification will occur on the screens of one of our CCTV security monitoring team members.

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Our Guarantee To You

Whether your security requirements are big or small, we work with our clients from start to finish to ensure your needs are met. Contact us for a free quotation.

Our Teams Are Highly Trained & Knowledgable

We listen carefully to what you are trying to achieve and only supply solutions and CCTV Security installation packages that will fit your requirements.

Benefits Of Choosing Top OSM

By investing in Top OSM's professional CCTV systems, your company’s overheads are reduced leading to an increase in profit. Here's how:

  • Reduction in employee theft.
  • Protection against inventory shrinkage.
  • Deter crime by visual monitoring.
  • Improve management control.
  • Protection of physical assets.

Let Top OSM design a fully customized system to suit your business’ unique needs. Additionally, we will provide you with a risk assessment, training, maintenance and ongoing customer support.

Top OSM offers the latest security features available in digital video security technology.